Board of Trustees

Waqar Saeed Khan – Settlor/Trustee

Waqar saeed khan

Inspired with the vision to teach and promote the concepts, perspectives, legal aspects and visions of Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Combating of Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) in Pakistan, and to develop the capacity of the financial institutions, security and intelligence agencies, and authorities concerned, Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan has settled the AMLA trust. He has received his LL.M degree from King’s College London and also done specialized certification from the University of Oxford.
Mr. Khan has been practicing in banking and commercial laws at Lahore, Pakistan since 2006. He has been honored to serve as the head of law at Financial Monitoring Unit (Financial Intelligence Unit), Government of Pakistan. He advised the Unit on international and national anti-money laundering laws and combating of financing of terrorism, and evaluated the AML/CFT laws and regulations with respect to international legal commitments and requirements. He provided expert input on issues and alternate courses of action and legal solutions in the AML/CFT domain. He also assisted in the matters relating to the requirements of international standards on AML/CFT and suggested legal remedies to comply with such standards. He has been conducting seminars, workshops, and delivering lectures on AML/CFT to the senior management of banks as a master trainer on the behalf of the Institute of Bankers, Pakistan (IBP) for many years. He has been teaching banking and commercial laws at couple of universities in Lahore, Pakistan since 2008.

Salman Alam Khan – Trustee

Mr. Salman Alam Khan is a founding member of the AMLA trust, and is an LL.M from University College London. He is a partner at Amir Alam Khan & Associates, which is a leading international law firm. His specialized area of legal practice is commercial and financial laws. He advises the reputable local and international organizations on commercial and financial matters and AML/CFT laws.

Malik Sohail – Trustee

Mr. Malik Sohail is a founding member of the AMLA trust. He received his LL.M from Nottingham Law School, UK and is practicing in the area of civil, commercial and financial laws. He is in the visiting faculty of couple of law schools at Lahore, Pakistan.

Zuhaib Shahid – Trustee

Mr. Zuhaib Shahid is a founding member of the trust. He is an advocate of the Lahore High Court, Lahore, and has been practicing law in the area of banking and financial laws, and commercial and civil laws at Lahore since 2004. He advises the reputable organizations on AML/CFT laws.

Qasim Haroon Cheema – Trustee

Mr. Qasim is a founding member of the trust. He has done his LL.M from SOAS, London in Commercial and Corporate Laws. He is an advocate of the Lahore High Court and a senior member of the Lahore High Court Bar. He practices law in corporate and banking laws, and has a profound grasp of International Economic Law.